3D Rendering With 360° Virtual Tour

Use 3D rendering to showcase your unbuilt property to potential tenants, buyers, and stakeholders and close the deal even when it’s still in the concept phase.

ImmeVR’s 360 virtual reality technology allows us to transform any picture into a tour model complete with hotspots, pop-up tags, and sounds. Our highly skilled team of professionals will produce a flawless 3D environment that is built to all your preferences.

You can now:

  • Have a 360 3D visualization for your unbuilt property project
  • Provide an immersive virtual tour that allows your clients to walk inside those unbuilt spaces
  • Stand out by providing the experience to view, visualize, touch & feel unbuilt spaces
  • Gain an edge over your competitors

Virtual tours make it easier for architects to present their ideas to potential clients, providing an immersive experience of unbuilt projects to clients, accessible anywhere from the comfort of their homes. We are among the first to create interactive 360 3D visualization applications for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets.

360° photography

Forget about those folders with multiple photos waiting to load when you show them to your clients, you can now have 360° images to show and help them visualize the entire space.
360° cameras, or omnidirectional cameras, utilize dual fisheye lenses to capture the entire environment around the camera in just one click, resulting in high-quality, immersive imagery and video. These compact cameras are easy to bring-on-the go and feature preset shooting modes and simple interfaces, making them ideal for photographers of any skill set.

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