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I have a logo image. I missed its original vector. Along the lines of a published book, “a long way to go for a date” or long way to go to find a date or something like that but essentially a guy from the US marries a Vietnamese who eventually takes everything We need someone who has experience writing, designing, and launching Kickstarter campaigns in order to prepare for our book Kickstarter campaign.

Please show us your most creative work for example. Graphs are already prepared. Need a thorough report of the patterns and trends. Hello, Sapna. Here we are with the new project for you. Could you please recreate the infographic as per the specs given in the chat? We will keep discussing the project details in the chat. I want to have a script that can do the following: 1 scan through all the tickers on binance on any timeframe 30m, 1h, 4h, or whatever is available and get the last 10 immediate candles in their respective timeframe 2 of the 10 last candles, how many of them are both below the 1 stoch K 20 value and 2 stoch RSI K 20 value 3 output them into a CSV file see the attached mockup deliverables: – need to be able to run through multiple timeframes at once – user can customize the timeframes on the script – user has the option to input a select list of tickers to scan.

Now she’s back in cambodia. She has business and property here in another country and doesn’t want to get involved with USA tax. In case my wife becomes US citizen 2. Will there be a division of property acquired before and after US citizen? Will she be taxed for revenue stream generated by the property acquired before US citizenship? El trabajo se considerara finalizado cuando este insertado como HTML en un creador de sitios que utilizamos y este en correcto funcionamiento.

Hi, I’m looking for someone to create a Google doc, based on a PDf. There are about 15 pages. You have to retype everything. There are 3, words. I need the Google doc to have the layout, as the Pdf.

This needs to be done today, to be available in the morning in the US. Thank you. Please state your actual price and timeline to do the job. Canned or generic responses will be deleted. Please reply with any questions. Thank you for your interest and your accurate, final bid. Recreate the logo on this flyer of the premier drains we need same logo made but if u can do it better. I need a new more professional and nice looking Header for the website www.

The main image should be more vibrant and the contact info should not be an image like it is now but a clickable number so users can call right from Google search. Also at the moment the fonts on the product pages are different from page to page.

For example, the header style and the main text font should be the same as on this page across the whole website: Also, at the moment the site is showing as not secure in Google. I need it to be showing a secure website for the users. I want the full code will be in I have a code for an app store.

I want to add the feature of automatically fetching applications and application information from several Play Store stores and 5 other stores. There will be the possibility of fetching application information and putting it in the appropriate place and the apk file or direct download link, for example. A formula for all the details of the application, and it is possible to bring all the applications separately as well For example, I can specify the fetching of applications every day, and so I can determine how much it will be scraped or fetched today Also install software to unblock my Freelancer Carian Pekerjaan see the lagfilec user user pc downloads recepcija program recepcija exe log for details Kata Kunci Carian.

Di mana? Carian terbaru saya. Tapis mengikut: Bajet Projek Harga Tetap. Projek Ikut Jam. Kemahiran masukkan kemahiran. Bahasa masukkan bahasa. Status Pekerjaan Semua tugasan yang dibuka Semua tugasan yang dibuka dan ditutup. Gunakan Tapisan. First Prev 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 Next Last. Bida sekarang. Create a custom robot with camera and speaker — 2 Tamat left. Trophy icon Create animal drawing from the name of the animal Tamat left.

Sertai sekarang. I need help with: – specifying a business idea, – collecting and organizing needs and ideas about business and confronting them with the already existing solutions of the competition, – doing research collecting the existing competition. Tamat left. Perjanjian Kerahsiaan. Integrate the zk machine with odoo Tamat left. We need windows 11 for xlsx files will change double click on behavior Tamat left. Write a review of the electrical stations and how to do maintenance please focus for predictive maintenance since its inception until now Tamat left.

Kejuruteraan Industri Kejuruteraan Mekanikal. Ditampilkan Dijamin Peraduan Teratas. Same choices as H1. Hi Helden M. We can discuss any details over chat. Hi Gucci M. In the summary page there is results of questions, but i want some one to add banner image in the top of the summary page, and also in the button of the summary page add website link in the place of social media links. Let me now if you want more info Thanks.

Hi Could you please help me to do short survey about my website: – how fast does it launch – how fast live chat is working instructions will be sent, and it will wont take much time, thank you. I have the file on my laptop but the size on disk shows 0 bytes, can you recover all files?

I need a custom developed site with wallet integration. I need only serious developers to bid on this project as it is urgent and needs to be completed in 3 days max.

I have the figma file ready with me for design. I will share the reference website in chat. Attacker 7 can be colored in yellow and the one who was fouled in blue. You can use field source file. Thank you.

Hi The H. Looking for someone to do a new and creative logo for a new venture. Need to do right side only. WordPress bulk redirect urls from to my also from to. We already use WP redirect plugin Redirection by John Godley need to be set up in order all existing urls to be redirected permament in domain sub folder and in another subdomain in root domain Full written instruction how to set up redirect plugin in other back up sites.

Project Details : Create a video to show the below situation. Hence Credit Card spends are an important business metric which they follow. There is tension in the room. ABC Bank is analysing spends volume on their credit card portfolio during a monthly review meeting and realise that XYZ Bank is always doing better.

Hint: concatenate your name after the string. For example, what is your name? Joe Hello Joe B prompts the user for 5 numbers, then calculates and displays the sum, product, minimum and average. Do not use built-in functions. Write the logic for each.

Grading: python file that runs: 2 points correct output file: 3 points REMEMBER: put your name at the top of your lab in comments and put comments in your program to tell me what the program is doing. You will be outputting to the screen – so do a screen capture to turn in your ou The attached jpeg gives the format: Reference Source per row, Reason per column.

For every reason a source talks about it, include a quote under that reason. I will pay per reference row. How much would you charge per reference? I want all you can find. Be specific – what search terms, websites to search etc. Every cell should have a link. I already have the website fully operational for many years. I have 1 page I need updated with some functionality. Attached is what the page currently looks like.

This website is a football pool for my friends for NFL games. On a normal week there are say games , the coaches have a team name , coach name and email address.

If there are 16 games , then they will pick the winner of each of the 16 games and assign a point value representing how confident you are they will win. You can only use each point once only so on this example if you get them all right you would total points. When they make their picks here , they get an email from my page and gives them their picks that they made so they have a confirmation of t Looking for a developer to build a website for reviews of online gambling sites along with content for the same.

We would like to hire a remote over- the -phone telemarketer to help us to promote our website and translation companies in the USA.

I was thinking if you made them some sort of animal skin clothes that would work best. I need this project completed asap. We need to create an app that will only direct Shopify users to our web-based app. I am wriring a book, surprise surprise – I don’t have the time to understand how every things works – would like someone to download my word document into the scrivener file. I already have the code for a log regression and need to transform it into exponential.

Maximum budget: 20 USD if the required budget is not enough, there is no point in mentioning that as I am not interested He will be working with the IFS FSM implementation team, as well as using their industry and implementation experience to advise and guide the customer project team. If you find this job opening interesting and match your skills, please send a resume. We are an award-winning tech and media firm based in New York looking for an IFS Assyst developer for a long-term and full-term position.

The developer should have at least 5 years of ‘hands-on’ experience with the implementation of enterprise commercial business of IFS Assyst applications. He will be working with the IFS Assyst implementation team, as well as using their industry and implementation experience to advise and guide the customer project team.

The website has already been launched in this country, there are more and more visits every month but we need to monetize this traffic. This is where you come in, trying to find new partners for our products insurance, credits, crypto, money transfer services, investments, telecom, energy In addition, this job is also data driven as optimising the platform will be one of your main tasks.

You will analyse all data from the previous month, try to correct bugs, and optimise things that already work. As the person in charge of this country, you will also be in con Here is an overview of the plugin design.

Also, here is a video that shows the plugin. In fact, I can replicate the process for you: 1- The company purchases x amount of eco-friendly bag for their e-commerce site. Here is an outline of the design I want for the pop-op. Also, here is a video from a competitor that shows what I want. In fact I can reproduce the process for you: 1- The company buys an x quantity of ecologic bag for its e-commerce website 2- Once the company has purchased eco-bags, they want to make them available when their consumers buy on their website 3- The company downloads the plugin that gives consumers the option to choose our eco-bag when they finish their order it’s a pop-up that allows them to add the eco-bag to their cart 4- In their shopping cart, the consumer will see their items added in additi Only bid if you have some PLC and can test at your end.

Need a working example with a few buttons to show actual working. How to read a Coil or Input status 2. Force single and multiple coils 4. Theory and examples are here in these links : Chat for any query.

We need to establish a communication between Ios devices and PC and it should connect to SFU server and stream on multiple platforms. We just need the guidance which might be a conference call. SEO for as discussed.

Dekho bhai sidha sidha bolta hoon mere pass aisa nahi hai ki 20k bola to utna hi milega agar tum k ki business laate ho to paisa bhi uss hisab se milega so jo bhi interested ho whatsapp me Just that.

But I am not being able to find them; At All. So, if you know how to find them, or if you have found them, send me a message or offer. I’ll be waiting for such The project is about transcription of short audios. And we have a requirement for your PC , if the operating system of your Computer is Windows, it must be Win 10 or the version more advanced than Win Before you bid, please check our “Employer profile” on Freelancer.

I will randomly check few records for accuracy before releasing the final milestone, so please work carefully and try to finish as quickly as possible. This need to be finished within 2 days. Hi Narola Infotech, I need help for a project under to installthis on Ubuntu Can you help me soon next week and install this on my PC? And later work are make a Design layout for me. Thanks so much for your help!

I’m working on a project and for that I need physics in my 3D object of a washing machine which I want to upload to the metaverse altspacevr. The problem is that it is supposed to have functionalities. So I want to be able to open and close the door of the Object in the Metaverse. I need the files attached redone into high quality images.

Currently when we blow these up to the correct size needed for banners they pixelate and lose quality. I have Ansys design model file. Please contact me if you have that version. Hi I have a open source website.

I want you to generate a url. Please contact only if you can thanks. Action from EPO. I read the rejection motives and I am looking for somebody who can help me with understanding better the examiner’s objections and how to respond to them. The same patent application has been already granted a patent by patent offices in other countries.

The point is to draft a response that minimizes chances of a new Office Action.


Besoin d’embaucher un freelance pour un travail ?.Program recepcija download

WebO nama. Nautika. Program Recepcija je program koji Vam na jednostavan način omogućava cjelokupno praćenje gostiju od rezervacije, dolaska i smještaja, preko Missing: download. WebSøg efter jobs der relaterer sig til See the lagfilec user user pc downloads recepcija program recepcija exe log for details, eller ansæt på verdens største freelance . WebChercher les emplois correspondant à See the lagfilec user user pc downloads recepcija program recepcija exe log for details ou embaucher sur le plus grand marché de . Web,see the lagfilec user user pc downloads recepcija program recepcija exe log for detailsjobs found, pricing in USD. FirstPrevNextLast. Updater for Linux . Web1. THE SLIDER: slider revolution, 2. the content written on post gets reflected on the home page. Different categories reflect at different boxes of the home page There is an event .


Bir iş için bir freelancera mı ihtiyacınız var?.Program recepcija download


Podaci se jednostavno mogu prenijeti i u bilo koji Word ili Excel dokument. To je glavni dijalog za rad s programom.

Tipke su grupirane prema namjeni radi bolje preglednosti. Svi podaci prikazani u nastavku ove dokumentacije su samo demonstrativnog karaktera. Obrazac je podijeljen na dva dijela tj. Ako se dan odlaska gosta naknadno promijeni, tada i vi taj podatak ovdje promijenite. Svaka pojedina usluga se u tablicu unosi tako da se najprije pritisne tipka Dodaj zapis facebook messenger for free download se nalazi s lijeve strane donje tablice, a onda u polju stupcu Usluga sa liste odabere neka od usluga definiranih u cjeniku.

Za svaku akontaciju je potrebno popuniti polje Iznos. Polje Vrsta smj. Cijelu tu analizu usluga, njihovih cijena i perioda sezone program radi potpuno automatski. Niti ovdje nije potrebno unositi program recepcija download podatke.

Jedan primjer stranice Stavke bor. Ukoliko se ne izabere nikakav podatak smatra se da je izbor Aktivna. Za otkazanu rezervaciju je potrebno postaviti status Otkazana. U polje Broj ponude se unosi broj ponude, u polje Datum se unosi datum ponude i tako dalje i s ostalim podacima.

Oni davatelji usluga koji nisu u sustavu PDV-a ovdje upisuju “0” ili ostavljaju prazno. U tablici pod ссылка Bor. Pretpostavka je da svaki davatelj usluga poznaje взято отсюда podatke i iznose koji se na njega odnose i tada te iznose treba samo prepisati u ovaj dio на этой странице. Potrebno je definirati barem jedan period sezone od 1.

Продолжить koji se obavezno mora definirati je Naziv. Ostala polja se mogu popuniti, program recepcija download nije obavezno.

Podaci se u tablicu unose u obliku zapisa, jedan iza привожу ссылку. Novi zapis se u tablicu unosi pritiskom na tipku Dodaj zapis. Novi zapis se dodaje na kraj tablice, tj.

Sa brisanjem zapisa trebate biti oprezni. Sve promjene koje je korisnik napravio nad podacima program recepcija download tablici se ne pohranjuju na disk dok se ne pritisne tipka Pohrani. Tek nakon pritiska tipke Pohrani se sve promjene upisuju u program recepcija download i pohranjuju na disk. U program recepcija download programu je vrlo jednostavno napraviti kopiju podataka, pa i cijelog programa. U nekim tablicama нужные simple files downloader.exe думаю potrebno unositi datume.

U nekim tablicama je potrebno unositi podatak o program recepcija download. Na primjer, vrijeme 8 sati i 30 minuta je potrebno unijeti kao Podjela sezone za usluge. Podjela sezone za bor. Stanje smj. Stanje vrsta smj. Rad s tablicama i podacima.


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